Yes, You CAN Buy a Home With High Student Loan Debt

We get it. 

The Fed changed the rules this year for how Student Loan payments are to be calculated when seeking approval for a Mortgage. We know that hurt A LOT of our clients who use Income Based Repayment, to the degree that many were unable to get an approval from any lender at all.

But now there are some new products coming on the market, mostly portfolio loans (this is where the bank loans it's own money and keeps the loan in house, so they can write their own rules for how to loan it and service it!) Some new lenders have become increasingly aware of how serious a problem this is, and they've reacted like it matters!

Have you been denied a mortgage because of a high balance of student loan debt? If so, please give us a call or send us an email to schedule your free 1 on 1 apt and see if you qualify:

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We look forward to continuing to do all that we can  to see to it that you're able to buy a home.