Why Work With a Housing Agency?

One of the come common questions I get is “Can you tell me about your program?” To which of course, I always answer “sure” and then proceed through the rundown of workshops we offer, the counseling and consultation options, our partner referrals, and some of the more fun and engaging events we offer to homebuyers and homeowners.

The list could go on forever.

The funny thing is I always wonder what I am able to share that a buyer couldn’t find out on our website.

Today it hit me:  a personal interaction.

In the present day of everything-automated, “Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Service... “ most of us just want to speak to a live person and have our questions answered. Which we do. But we offer a lot more than just basic question-answering.

At Committed to Communities, we offer a relationship. A confidant. A personal guide to help walk you through the steps toward purchasing your own home, be it your first home or your 15th. A group of expert advisers to help you reach your goal regardless of what stage you’re presently at or how far along you are. Come to us if you just thought last night that you’d like to buy a home. Or come to us if you’ve been saving for 3 years, boosted your credit score, paid off some debts and are ready to take the first step today.

Regardless of your position, we’re here to help. We can be a support system, a refuge, an advocate, a place to learn and a place to vent. (the process can be stressful).

What we offer is a relationship and a community. Come to a focus group, an open house event, a happy hour, or a workshop. Or come to all of our events. You’re guaranteed to see familiar faces.

We know that the more support you have in the process  the more confident you'll feel, the more empowered you'll be and the more likely you are to succeed. We’re here to help build that support system around you.

Call on us.